Patches Backing – How to Apply Your Patches

Though the method you choose will not affect the general design or selection of artwork of your patch, it may be important to select the perfect method for your own convenience or style. We offer a wide variety of backings for your patch, in order for you to have the most options. Apart from those mentioned below, we do also offer customisable backings, such as pin ons or magnet backings, in order to suit your personal needs. Within an order as well, we provide the ability to select a number of one type of backing, as well as others- leaving you the choice to mix and match your patches with different application methods. Here are a few of the different options that we find to be the most popular (in no particular order):

Iron on

Iron on
Choosing an iron on backing is one of the most popular options due to it’s long period of durability and ability to look just as good as it did on it’s first day.Firstly it offers the ability to choose between using a heat press machine or a home iron, depending on your own availability of machinery or simply convenience. Both options ensure that the patch is permanently attached to the article of clothing or accessory, allowing the patch to be kept in pristine condition for up to around fifty washes. One of the largest advantages of choosing this backing is that it has no limitations on the patch material that you choose- only the temperature at which you apply it will vary from material to material. These instructions would be sent to you alongside your patch in order to make sure you face no difficulty when applying the patch.

Sew on

These patch backings are very traditional, and are typically only chosen when customers specifically want the sewn on look. We notice sew on patches to be popular in fields like girl and boy scout patches for a classic style, but they are also selected to make merchandising more customized and unique.

Hook and Loop

A hook and loop backing is typically chosen due to it’s convenience as well as easy accessibility. It provides a fast option to use and enjoy your patch as soon as you receive it. These backings are usually used to apply tactical patches (for example, army patches) on gear, such as backpacks. Both sides of the hook and loop are provided– and the application of sticking the hook and loop end on to your clothing is made simple and straight forward.

Stick on

Stick on
These patches are usually trendy amongst companies looking to advertise their brand or logos in a fun and fashionable way. As these patches are fast and convenient to apply, they are perfect for marketing and promotional use. Similarly they are easily disposable and are mostly popular for a one time use.