Designing a Patch from Scratch 2

Custom patches can be a unique and affordable item to own personally or they can be used for branding. For starters, you’re free to pick the artwork and apply it to your preferred patch style. Leather, embroidered, chenille patches – name it, and it can be yours. Knowing how to make your own custom iron on patches is easy with a couple of useful techniques.

The whole personalization process is a fun task, from brainstorming your patch idea to finalizing your order. Working with a talented and well-trained team can also make it smooth and hassle-free.

So, let’s get down to the details. Here are some simple tips to design your own patch and keep it exciting:

Brainstorm Your Patch Idea

Designing custom patches can be a collaborative effort. If this is the case, you can translate your raw idea into a rough sketch or search for an existing graphic for reference. Save it as a file in any standard format, such as JPEG or PSD.

Now, what if you can’t provide an image or photograph? That should not be a problem with an experienced custom patch company. At Quality Patches, we work closely with clients to create artwork that renders their vision on (virtual) paper. This visualization allows us to craft a pre-production sample of your actual patch. Your assigned customer representative will ensure you’re satisfied with the sample. If not, we won’t move forward with processing your full order until you’re completely content with the sample.

The beauty of brainstorming your idea with a team is that you can leverage our years of background in developing award-winning designs. And you can end up with an even better design before production begins. Of course, it is your idea, so we’ll let you take charge. We are here foremost to support and make sure your needs and preferences are met.

Specify the Size You Need

Include the measurements required to make your artwork perfect. At Quality Patches, we accept custom sizing in inches, centimeters and millimeters. Just let us know which one you are using. We can also assist you if you are unsure about what size you need.

Choose Your Patch Style

Next on how to design your own patch: decide on the style and material to go with the artwork. So you may already have chosen a patch style to go with your initial design, but it can still change once you refine the details.

Creating the perfect match is part of the whole customization process. For instance, embroidered patches are ideal if you want additional texture and dimensionality. Are you searching for a more versatile style? Try polyvinyl chloride or PVC patches.

Check out our quick guide to find the right patch style for your design:

  • Embroidery Patches: A classic and sophisticated choice that showcases the detail of your artwork. This style also lets you retain the shape of your design, whether sewn or ironed on, so you can stay true to your vision. Make a single color pop or create a color gradient to complete the look.
  • Chenille Patches: Perfect for simple designs, such as solid colors, bold letters and simple patterns. Nevertheless, chenille allows your idea to stand out, thanks to its three-dimensional appearance and fuzzy features. Plus the woven thread stitched on felt can last a long time. No wonder collegiate teams use this patch type on their uniforms. Wondering how to make chenille patches? Check out our page.
  • PVC Patches: A lightweight and versatile option for clothing, accessories and collectibles. The rubber make is developed to withstand wear and tear, ensuring you end up with a durable patch. This style also boasts a flawless and modern approach to the art of custom patchmaking.
  • Leather Patches: A patch type that adds a touch of luxury to your custom patch design. Pick the most suitable leather to match your project, including suede, snakeskin, pigskin and bison. If you prefer something trendy, you can customize the color of your patch using classic colors, such as red, olive, white, black and brown.
  • Applique Patches: Serve vintage-inspired looks that will never go out of style. They’re great as ornaments or decorations on your garments. Here, multiple layers of high-quality fabric are applied to create a pattern, allowing you to achieve a detailed output. This method also helps the patch retain its shape and finish for a long time.
  • Sublimated Patches: Also known as heat transfer dye sublimated patches, this style yields clean and accurate results. That’s because it relies on printing the artwork a fabric backing, making the finer details stand out. Thus, it’s often used in designing logos and striking designs on apparel.
  • Woven Patches: Convert high-resolution images into intricate designs on fabric. A thinner thread is used to complete each component of the artwork. Then, the edge is either embroidered or left as is. This method makes logos and lettering look bold and polished – and that’s why woven patches are a favorite on school and varsity uniforms.
  • Sequin Patches: A patch style that stays trendy. This option offers a shiny, 3D rendering of your design idea. It makes any project look more lively, so it works best with accessories and homeware. You won’t go wrong with sequin patches on your denim outfits.

Ordering From Quality Patches

From generating to refining your artwork ideas, we guide you on how to make chenille patches, leather patches, etc. The Quality Patches team is 100% committed to making the ordering process an easy and enjoyable experience for you.

We incorporate the steps for creating custom iron on patches shared above into our ordering process. This includes providing you with free photographed samples of your artwork, so you can see your patch before placing an order.

Here’s an overview of how our ordering process works:

  • Placing the order: Let us know about your interest in ordering one or more of our custom patches by filling out the quote form on our website or sending us a direct message. Either of these actions will enter your request into our system and prompt us to work on it.
  • Sample approval: This involves brainstorming your idea and then receiving a sample of your design. Once the picture is sent to you, feel free to request as many revisions as you’d like. Your dedicated sales representative will ensure you’re happy with the sample before processing your order.
  • Production: Once you approve the sample, we can proceed with the production of the rest of your patches. Expect a two-week turnaround time for your order. You can also talk to us if you need it done sooner.
  • Delivery: Expect your patches to be delivered to you in two weeks. You will pay only the shipping and handling costs provided to you in your quote – no hidden charges! We also have a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your order.

Design Your Own Patch Today

Creating your own custom patch should be fun and exciting. After all, you’re pouring your time, passion and energy into the project. To make spending on it worthwhile as well, make sure to work with a personalized patch company that has proven expertise and customer service.

Let our team of creative professionals at Quality Patches help you transform your idea into patches of superior quality. From start to finish, we are here to assist you in achieving your dream product.

Take a step closer to having your own custom patches delivered to your doorstep. Get a quote from us today!


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