Metallic Thread on Embroidered Patches

Custom patch hats are pretty common, much like bags, jeans, jackets and other accessories styled with personalized patches. But what exactly is this type of hat, and why do people wear it? A patch hat could be a baseball cap, a trucker hat, a dad hat or even a beanie, with a patch added to its design for several reasons:

  • Promote a brand or business
  • Identify with a sports team
  • Show up to a school event
  • Make a political or personal statement
  • Complete a fashionable look

The best thing about this item is that it’s customizable. You can create one to showcase your unique personality or inspire solidarity within your group, team or organization.

Below, we’ll take a quick look at several hats and patches you can mix and match to suit your taste.

3 Kinds of Custom Patch Hats

The standard choices for a custom patch hat are the following:

Baseball Caps

You’ll know it’s a baseball cap if you see baseball players wear it in a game. But for those who don’t have the time to watch the sport, here’s another way to differentiate this accessory. It offers a close-fitting, rounded crown and a long visor. Usually, the sports team emblem is sewn on the front side of the crown. The front and back are also made of the same material, such as cotton. If you look closely, you’ll notice a center seam and two diagonal seams, which divide the cap into six sections.

Trucker Hats

Meanwhile, trucker hats are sometimes confused with standard baseball caps. However, a trucker hat features a broader front and brim. It is also distinguished by its mesh side and stiff front. That wide front, by the way, is the perfect size for attaching logo patches.

Unlike sporting hats, trucker caps aren’t visible on the field, court or arena. Instead, they serve as practical giveaways and pay homage to the workers transporting goods from state to state. They have also managed to capture the attention and respect of musicians over time.

Beanie Patch Hats

Do these soft round caps need an introduction? If you haven’t seen a beanie, it is a head-hugging and brimless hat made of cotton, wool, felt, leather or silk. Some styles include a button at the crown, neatly bringing together the hat’s triangular panels.

Beanies are a favorite head accessory when winter rolls around, but they also make the list of fashionable items. That’s because there are many ways to wear them. Specifically, beanie patch hats are trendy and versatile – they’re cool to wear casually in the streets, restaurants, offices and more.

Patch Design Options

Custom patches for hats make use of the hat styles above. But the patches themselves also come in various types. Here are the ones you cannot go wrong with:

Embroidered Caps

Embroidered patches are classic and timeless. As the name implies, this patch type uses embroidery, a technique that involves fabric backing and thread. Embroidery amplifies the finer details of any design, making it ideal for embellishing baseball caps and trucker hats. It also lets single colors pop and blends color gradients brilliantly.

As such, embroidered patches are typically applied to brand logos, team uniforms and the like. They’re also convenient for turning personal artwork into a patch and adding a name patch to your caps.

Leather Patch Hats

Leather can enhance many objects and make them look elegant. If you wish to retain a high level of detail for your complex design, leather patch hats are a great option. The patches can be cut into simple shapes, such as rectangles, circles and squares, or irregular ones. At Quality Patches, it’s possible to customize the color, size and leather type to achieve your desired appearance and texture.

Rubber Patches

Last but not least, rubber patch hats use custom patches with bold, dimensional designs. Leather patches deliver a technical look, which works for logos with moderate details, minimal thickness and simple shapes. Speaking of technical, patch hats PVC is a variant of rubber patches typically used to create military, resolve or strategic patches. Both rubber and PVC can be sewn on or attached to clothing and accessories using hook and loop.

Craft the Perfect Logo or Uniform Patch for Your Hat

Entrust the design and production of your custom patch hats to professionals. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting the right shape and size for your chosen type of cap. You can rest assured that the final output will be just as you envisioned.

Quality Patches is a professional manufacturer of personalized patches for hats. We take the time to understand your needs and preferences, so no detail is left out when we produce your design.

Take advantage of our detail-oriented process, which you can read about on this page. And then feel free to send an inquiry about your order details throughthis form.

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