8 Patch Types to Elevate Your Style: A Guide for Every Occasion

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For centuries, patches have been the go-to solution for everything from mending clothes to repairing machinery. These versatile patches are a valuable tool in any situation. But with so many types of patches to choose from, how do you know which one to pick? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve rounded up the 8 most popular types of patch and their unique benefits, so you can make an informed decision.

1. Embroidered Patches

Made with embroidery thread, embroidered patches are a traditional method of imbuing a piece of clothing with a more premium feel. They can be used to customize t-shirts, hats, jackets, and more.
Custom-embroidered patches are perfect for representing a club, organization, or special event. And the best part? These patches can withstand frequent washing, ensuring they last longer than other types of patches.

2. Chenille Patches

Made from soft, fuzzy yarn and featuring raised designs,
custom chenille patches can be used to represent a variety of things, including a school mascot or a sports team. The raised design creates a distinctive look that will make your team spirit stand out. 

3. PVC Patches

Crafted from an durable, water-resistant material that offers flexibility, PVC patches are the perfect choice for outdoor activities, military uniforms, and even sports teams.
Custom PVC patches offer endless possibilities for displaying a team logo or emblem and can be customized with colors, shapes, and sizes to meet your specific needs. With their unmatched durability and flexibility, PVC patches are sure to withstand any tough conditions you may encounter.

4. Sublimated Patches

Sublimated patches, also known as heat transfer or printed patches, are an ideal choice for customers who want precise and intricate detail. Using a special ink that is heat transferred onto the fabric,
custom sublimated patches allow for full-color designs and fine details–perfect for showcasing a brand or logo. 

5. Leather Patches

For a stylish and durable option, consider leather patches. Whether on jackets, bags, or even jeans, they require minimal maintenance and can last for years. Get your
custom leather patches today to add some edge to your wardrobe.

6. Applique Patches

Applique patches are made from a combination of fabrics and feature intricate designs. From jackets to bags, and even hats, applique patches can be used as a fun and stylish way to personalize any piece of clothing or accessory.
Custom Applique patches can be used to express your hobbies, interests, and affiliations, and can also be used to commemorate special occasions or achievements.

7. Woven Patches

Woven patches feature intricate designs that are created by weaving together different threads. These
custom-woven patches are perfect for representing a club, organization, or special event or showing off a logo or emblem. Weave together your own custom design today!

8. Sequin Patches

Feature sparkling sequins sewn onto a fabric background, sequin patches are perfect for adding some glitz and glamour to your wardrobe. 

These patches are made from a variety of materials, including beads, glitter and of course, sequins that can be arranged in any pattern or design you desire. Perfect for special occasions or just adding a little extra bling to your everyday look, custom sequin patches can even be personalized your own artwork or logo to promote your brand or message.

Whether you’re into chenille or sequins, there’s a patch out there that’s perfect for you. Don’t be afraid to express your personality and style with a custom patch that makes a statement.

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