Backing Options

Backing Options

Lapel Pin Backing – How to Apply Your Lapel Pins

Your chosen method will influence your lapel pin’s final look and feel. Hence, finding the most suitable option for your needs is still essential. Regarding the back of your lapel pin, we provide you with plenty of possibilities. Additional options for attachment methods, such as pin-on and magnet alternatives, are available upon request. We offer you the freedom to combine and contrast the attachment techniques for your lapel pins within a single order by allowing you to choose from various backing options. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the best-known and highly suggested solutions for you to consider:

1. Butterfly Clutch

Butterfly Clutch
Lapel pins are worn mainly for aesthetic reasons; hence, the element of the pin that adheres to the clothes is intended to remain concealed from the display. This pin component is a lapel pin back or a butterfly clutch. Lapel pins can be purchased at a variety of stores. After the needle for the lapel pin has been pulled through the garment, a back is attached to the needle to secure the lapel pin in its position. When worn, the back of the lapel pin is hidden from view, which makes it more artistically beautiful.

2. Rubber & Magnet

Rubber and Magnet
Instead of the standard clutch back, magnetic lapel pins can be made to order. We can make it if you require a magnetic back for a specific pin! Any lapel pin—Soft Enamel, Cloisonne, Offset, or Die Struck, Printed—may have a magnetic backing added to wear without piercing the fabric or material worn on. These rubber backs are a nice touch for exhibiting or wearing your pins. There’s a good reason rubber clutches are the standard instead of other pin clutches. Since they’re made of grippy, long-lasting rubber, they’re a breeze to slip on and remove. They weigh less than metal clutches and are easier on the skin, making them the most comfortable option. The only drawback of this clutch is that it might get increasingly loose with time, so be wary of your surroundings.

3. Safety Pins

Safety pins
This pin backing is precisely what it sounds like: it’s a straight piece of metal with a clip that fits through the base of your lapel pin. This style is most commonly seen in safety pins but has also seen a surge in popularity among enamel lapel pins. This is likely due to the ease with which these pins can be attached to clothing or materials.

4. Delux Clutch

Delux Clutch
The Deluxe Clutch is another type that you may use for pinbacks. This one includes a sophisticated metal element that wraps across the whole pin and clasps it, making it less cumbersome than butterfly-style clasps while also providing a higher level of safety.

Key Chain Options – How to Apply Your Keychains

1. Buckle Ring

Buckle Ring
Buckle Rings are more costly than traditional rings and have a more refined aesthetic. These are typically folded in leather and distributed for advertising by corporations and dealers in the automotive industry. A customized buckle ring is the kind of present that any boss or businessman would appreciate receiving.

2. Carabiner Ring

Carabiner Ring
Carabiner rings are standard among campers, hikers, and boaters since the carabiner may hold various items, including a water bottle, set of keys, etc. Many people use a carabiner ring that can be attached to their waistband or bag.

3. Keychain

For almost a century, people have relied on keychains as a convenient way to carry and secure their many sets of keys. New keychain innovations, however, often feature various additional utilities, including charger cords, lanterns, purses, and bottle openers. These modifications make it easier to maintain track of your most critical elements in one place and can even help keep track of other minor but crucial objects. All you have to do is add the keys to the large keychain ring, and your keys will get safe by your side.

4. Key Ring

key ring
The part of the keychain that is located at the top is called the key ring. With the assistance of a key ring, you can keep track of all of your valuables, including your keys, cards, and bottles, among other things. This does not have a chain but a ring that can simultaneously hold objects and look elegant.